Camp Cooking


As most of you probably know by now both Jeremy and I most likely have ADHD. 

We were just kids when doctors started testing for it so neither of us have ever been. 

My mom couldn’t handle me so she signed me for every sport she could to keep me out of her face.

Jeremy would turn seven and enter cub scouts. The same age I entered Little League.

I would learn how to kick ass through team sports with a diverse group of feminists and he took to cooking while at camp so that he could stay away from Boy Scout abusers.

Since we’ve founded Skinny Dipppers Club we’ve heard our share of abusive Scout Stories os well as stories of PTSD. 

Jeremy wants to help his friends work through these things but Jeremy is a very busy guy.

He doesn’t have a ton of time to spend in this wonderful community that we have built because his job at the county is demanding. But he tells me how impactful you all have been.

He tells me that Skinny Dippers Club and the diversity of voices he hears from here helps shape his work at the county. He’s a hiring manager with over 300 employees and a lot of his brown and black workers face discrimination on the job.

That’s also why he isn’t in here as much. The more he’s been peeling the onion the more he’s determined to fight for change.

Jeremy doesn’t have time to tell you these stories but he tells me in the small amount of time we have together when we aren’t working. 

I’ve decided to help him tell you his stories while he cooks me dinner. 

I promise it’ll be just as juicy as my steak.

Hope you enjoy,


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