Why Attending Naked Events is Rad!

We’ve talked before about the positive effects that running around naked can have on you whether it’s positive mental health, an increase in body positivity, or just simply the lack of laundry and clothing purchasing making an impact on the environment.

But I think the most profound effects that I have seen is in the community that we’ve built around this practice.

Part of the wonderful side of nude vacations and events is that you get to be socially naked with your community. And I think that when everyone’s goal is the same: to have a respectful and good time everyone wins.

After we did Jeremy’s podcast on PTSD and it’s affects on his recovery I started thinking about my own experiences with naturism and how it has positively affected me and I wrote a blog post about it.

A few years back I was able to attend one of the. most epic events of my life: Nudestock. 

I’ve always loved the 60’s (the sex drugs and rock ‘n roll part) so when we had the opportunity to hit up our local nudist park and attend this epic event I was all in.

I stocked up on edibles on my way and layed in the grass for three days high AF listening to live bands.

I can’t wait to throw events of my own.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast episode might make you wet yourself laughing.

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