Nude Scout

DIY Soaking Tub

Over the summer when I was working on my parents 40 acres alone with Scout and Magic (my cousin’s horses) Jeremy hooked me up with this sweet soaking tub set-up since the property lacked shower facilities. (I used the outdoor hose for showers and dishes.) 

We thought you might want the deets for the set-up. It was so good we brought it home to recreate it. Enjoy!

Parts List using Ferg’s options: (local tax not included)

Stock Tank    $175

Heater           $129

Batteries           $8

Propane tank    $0

Pump               $25

Hose/fittings   $20

             Total $357


The Soaking Tub: ($175 our option)

We went with a 6” stock tank from Tractor Supply for $175. Unfortunately, it’s an in store pickup. This works perfectly for two people because you can both stretch out your legs and soak all the way up to your collarbone.

You can go with a bigger stock tank or even use an old claw foot tub.


The heater: ($129 our option) – don’t forget D cell batteries! ($7.99)

We used a Tankless Water Heater, specifically a Gasland Outdoor water heater. This one provides continuous hot water right from the source, and with the addition of a recirculating pump, you can reheat the water to really get it warm without wasting a bunch of propane. This unit runs at 1.58 gallons per minute. So consider the time it takes to fill an empty tub. Ours was about 100 gallons, so it took about an hour to fill, then it took a little bit to recirculate the water to bring it up to temperature.

Propane options: (we used a tank from our BBQ) We pay about $2.59/gallon for propane

This may be considered cheating a little, but I figured I didn’t need to have a dedicated propane tank just for this use, so I used one we had for our BBQ and fire ring. We actually have several because we cook and campfire ring so frequently.


Recirculating Pump: ($25 our option)

In full transparency, the first pump I ordered I didn’t like. I was an external transfer pump and it is really loud. So, we just ordered a submersible pump. The water will deaden the noise number one, and number two, it makes the setup really portable for any impromptu soaking tub arrangement. We’ve ordered a Hygger quiet aquarium pump.


Hose and fittings: ($20 our option)

Your setup may be different, but I needed a short section of hose and a couple of garden hose ends to make it all work. They’re easy. Pocket knife and screwdriver easy to install.

What is Nude Scout?

Looking after the earth and its inhabitants for generations to come

Lately, I’ve been thinking about who I want to be when I grow up. I know that may sound strange coming from a 47-year-old who’s been in government since he was 21. Since becoming a Naturist, I’ve been reevaluating everything in my life. Then this summer I had a bit of a breakdown. Between the stress of the pandemic and some really rough things at work, I broke for a while.


I’m no longer broken, but I’m not the same Jeremy I was pre-break. Mandy and I took a weekend retreat last month, and I think that’s just what I needed after a month of being back to work. I had just enough time back to work to start evaluating the adjustments I had already made in life on my path to feeling better. It’s hard to be open about being a Naturist in my line of work, and it’s really a tough tightrope to balance to be a Naturism ambassador, even in a city where it is assumed that everyone is progressively inclined, especially since public nudity is legal in city limits.


Okay, new nudist Jeremy! Let’s be bold and tell the world you like to run around with your clothes off in the mountains of Washington. Nobody will think anything of it because – Washington – duh.


Nope. Wrong. Tried it. Didn’t work. Mandy and I decided to go on a local radio show and talk about living full time as nudists within the confines of a nudist park. Now I know that most of my employees listen to this station during the workday. Hadn’t thought that one all the way through I suppose. For those of you who may work in government, I do not suggest going from Metrosexual to Naturist via local radio show mid-week unless you have a non-stick, bulletproof exterior. It did not go well for me.


Or maybe it worked to my advantage after all. While I was off this summer I was able to process many things. I decided to wear the same outfit to work every day to eliminate morning decision fatigue. I now leave work at work (for the most part) so my free time can be spent working on my passions. I feel healthier and more balanced because of it.


Enter NudeScout. Yeah, I know it’s a bit corny. But I don’t care.


When I was an actual Boy Scout, (yes, I made Eagle for those who want to ask) I really enjoyed the service organization I was in. I loved to see people come together to build things, fix things, make things better, and help reduce our massive human footprint on this earth all while doing it safely.

Every place we went was different, each time our project was different, but each time the theme was “service to others”. That stuck with me, and I remember feeling like I was contributing to things that would
 last for generations to come.


So what does a NudeScout do?
Well, keep hanging out with us and you’ll find out!

Skinny Dippers promotes the practice of social nudism at resorts, clubs, and places where social nudism is legal. Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together! A portion of your Skinny Dippers' membership goes to our partnership with Leave No Trace. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics provides proven, research-based solutions for the protection of the natural world.