The Flag You Fly

"If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it."

Samuel L. Jackson

Jeremy and I get asked a lot if we are bisexual because of our use of the Rainbow Flag.

Last summer, I got evicted from my family’s property partly since we put it up on their Flag Pole. I was told to take down the ‘fruit flag.’ (I then disowned that side of the family for obvious reasons.)

When I first started building this community, I decided to use Instagram as the primary way to find you guys. I did this for a few reasons. Firstly, I used to teach Instagram courses, so I understand how powerful it can be. Secondly, it has a way of pre-qualifying people that Twitter can’t do. (You see people – their photos, their videos – and you get a much better picture -sorry for the pun – of what kind of nudist they are.)

But the problem with having an open Instagram account is that as a woman, it’s an open invitation for people to abuse the space and send you unwanted DM’s of people’s parts. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll also get abused with words. I finally couldn’t take it, so I shut it down.

I told Jeremy, “If this is what being a nudist is, then I don’t want any part of it.”

I took a few weeks and re-strategized.

I grew up with Prince, Viva Glam, and an obsession with Madonna’s Truth or Dare. I’m no prude, but dude – running around naked isn’t an invitation for abuse. I re-opened our Instagram account around the time of PRIDE and thought, “I need a bold symbol to tell people who we are from the get-go.” I kept the account closed and only allowed those in that I had already pre-qualified from our previous account. This strategy worked well.

We love everybody – as long as you aren’t an asshole.

I’m proud to use a symbol that means equal rights for everybody. And if you have privilege, you should use it for good.

Otherwise, you’re just an asshole. And the world has enough of those already.

DIY Soaking Tub

Over the summer when I was working on my parents 40 acres alone with Scout and Magic (my cousin’s horses) Jeremy hooked me up with this sweet soaking tub set-up since the property lacked shower facilities. (I used the outdoor hose for showers and dishes.) 

We thought you might want the deets for the set-up. It was so good we brought it home to recreate it. Enjoy!


Parts List using Ferg’s options: (local tax not included)

Stock Tank    $175

Heater           $129

Batteries           $8

Propane tank    $0

Pump               $25

Hose/fittings   $20

             Total $357

The Soaking Tub: ($175 our option)

We went with a 6” stock tank from Tractor Supply for $175. Unfortunately, it’s an in store pickup. This works perfectly for two people because you can both stretch out your legs and soak all the way up to your collarbone.

You can go with a bigger stock tank or even use an old claw foot tub.

The heater: ($129 our option) – don’t forget D cell batteries! ($7.99)

We used a Tankless Water Heater, specifically a Gasland Outdoor water heater. This one provides continuous hot water right from the source, and with the addition of a recirculating pump, you can reheat the water to really get it warm without wasting a bunch of propane. This unit runs at 1.58 gallons per minute. So consider the time it takes to fill an empty tub. Ours was about 100 gallons, so it took about an hour to fill, then it took a little bit to recirculate the water to bring it up to temperature.

Propane options: (we used a tank from our BBQ) We pay about $2.59/gallon for propane

This may be considered cheating a little, but I figured I didn’t need to have a dedicated propane tank just for this use, so I used one we had for our BBQ and fire ring. We actually have several because we cook and campfire ring so frequently.

Recirculating Pump: ($25 our option)

In full transparency, the first pump I ordered I didn’t like. I was an external transfer pump and it is really loud. So, we just ordered a submersible pump. The water will deaden the noise number one, and number two, it makes the setup really portable for any impromptu soaking tub arrangement. We’ve ordered a Hygger quiet aquarium pump.

Hose and fittings: ($20 our option)

Your setup may be different, but I needed a short section of hose and a couple of garden hose ends to make it all work. They’re easy. Pocket knife and screwdriver easy to install.

What’s your Nudist Uniform?

When I was first diving in as a bold nudist, I was eager to figure out what my accessories would be. I know that may sound strange to some. Why would a nudist want to accessorize, or even worry about it? Don’t those naked people just run through the grass naked all the time?

Well, I’ve discovered that becoming a nudist does not all of a sudden make you immune to cold and sun. It’s a bummer because I don’t like wearing clothes. Or that’s what I thought until I found my “uniform” if you will.

I started with so many other combinations to protect myself from the sun or to cover up when I was cool. Usually, I always included my “street clothes” as part of the ensemble. Every time I’d head out to a nude event, I’d pack my gear. Basically a full outfit change from regular Jeremy to Captain No Pants. Yep, I said it. I was thrilled to be known as Captain No Pants, Captain’s hat included.

I had an identity that was unique to me among my nudist friends. People knew they could talk to me because I was pretty open about being the Captain. I wasn’t anyone but me – someone who loves being nude, and loves seeing when other people start feeling their connection with others when the social constructs are dropped. People couldn’t tell my profession or income level when I’d show up in costume. That gave me opportunities to talk to people about anything.

I don’t wear the Captain’s Hat as often. Or any hat for that matter. I’m packing as light as possible these days and think I’ve found my personal clothing sweet spot. I’ve found a style I can wear which has been mostly well received in public and is super convenient in most nudist settings.


If you’re like me, you like to leave your house feeling like you’re closer than ever to your favorite nudist spot. Maybe a “Nudist Uniform” is for you. 


Pick an outfit you can leave the house in that gives you a positive feeling and is easy to use or store when you get to your favorite nudist spot. Make sure it’s something you feel comfy running into the store wearing, just in case.

I’ve found one style shirt I love, a long sleeve white shirt – you’ve likely seen me in a photo with one. Made of cotton, so they breathe really well. In the summer I can throw it on and block the sun, then run around Donald Duck style. I feel pretty damn good in my non-chemical sunblock for my back while the wind blows around my free bottom half. In the colder months this same shirt will keep me warm or start an easy base layer.

My Turkish Bath Towel is lightweight and 100% cotton. They are 70” by 39”, so they literally fit every-body. I did a little demo on how I like to wear mine. I use it as my butt barrier, beach blanket, and towel. Well, not all at the same time. I have a few of them because I wear them in place of pants these days. Yes, I wear it to the post office. Yes, I wear it to the home improvement store. If I can’t be naked, at least being free of bifurcated trousers can bring some  freedom. 

So a shirt and a wrap make up my go-to outfit, plus whatever shoes are appropriate for the task at hand. 

Hiking? Boots. 

Errand running? Flip Flops.

Short walk? The sandals Mandy hates. 

But my favorite is walking barefoot through the grass. Feet like to be nude too.