Nude BnB’s USA: California, Palm Springs

The Burton House


Situated on a highly desirable 1/3-acre corner lot in the heart of Sunrise Park, Burton House features four bedrooms and three full baths with over 2,300 square feet of indoor living space.

Built in 1958, the “boomerang” shape of Burton House is a tribute to its era and provides fabulous separation of living space and guest quarters.  Featuring dual master suites and expansive common areas both indoors and out, this Palm Springs vacation home allows all guests to relax either as a group or on their own.  Many of the architectural design elements of Burton House are attributed to the work of the notable Paul R. Williams, with his influences seen throughout the home.

Palm Springs


Rediscovering the heart of why we love being naked.

Naturism in Costa Rica

Columbus named this land Costa Rica, because he saw a sunshine on the golden sands of Uvita Island, located on the caribbean coast and he confused it with a rich treasure. Nowdays this treasure corresponds to its 51000 square kilometers, which 50% is protected unde state laws.
This beautiful, green and peaceful country has many getaways for being nude surrounded by nature, hot springs and more.

What’s your Nudist Uniform?

When I was first diving in as a bold nudist, I was eager to figure out what my accessories would be. I know that may sound strange to some. Why would a nudist want to accessorize, or even worry about it? Don’t those naked people just run through the grass naked all the time?

Well, I’ve discovered that becoming a nudist does not all of a sudden make you immune to cold and sun. It’s a bummer because I don’t like wearing clothes. Or that’s what I thought until I found my “uniform” if you will.

I started with so many other combinations to protect myself from the sun or to cover up when I was cool. Usually, I always included my “street clothes” as part of the ensemble. Every time I’d head out to a nude event, I’d pack my gear. Basically a full outfit change from regular Jeremy to Captain No Pants. Yep, I said it. I was thrilled to be known as Captain No Pants, Captain’s hat included.

I had an identity that was unique to me among my nudist friends. People knew they could talk to me because I was pretty open about being the Captain. I wasn’t anyone but me – someone who loves being nude, and loves seeing when other people start feeling their connection with others when the social constructs are dropped. People couldn’t tell my profession or income level when I’d show up in costume. That gave me opportunities to talk to people about anything.

I don’t wear the Captain’s Hat as often. Or any hat for that matter. I’m packing as light as possible these days and think I’ve found my personal clothing sweet spot. I’ve found a style I can wear which has been mostly well received in public and is super convenient in most nudist settings.


If you’re like me, you like to leave your house feeling like you’re closer than ever to your favorite nudist spot. Maybe a “Nudist Uniform” is for you. 


Pick an outfit you can leave the house in that gives you a positive feeling and is easy to use or store when you get to your favorite nudist spot. Make sure it’s something you feel comfy running into the store wearing, just in case.

I’ve found one style shirt I love, a long sleeve white shirt – you’ve likely seen me in a photo with one. Made of cotton, so they breathe really well. In the summer I can throw it on and block the sun, then run around Donald Duck style. I feel pretty damn good in my non-chemical sunblock for my back while the wind blows around my free bottom half. In the colder months this same shirt will keep me warm or start an easy base layer.

My Turkish Bath Towel is lightweight and 100% cotton. They are 70” by 39”, so they literally fit every-body. I did a little demo on how I like to wear mine. I use it as my butt barrier, beach blanket, and towel. Well, not all at the same time. I have a few of them because I wear them in place of pants these days. Yes, I wear it to the post office. Yes, I wear it to the home improvement store. If I can’t be naked, at least being free of bifurcated trousers can bring some  freedom. 

So a shirt and a wrap make up my go-to outfit, plus whatever shoes are appropriate for the task at hand. 

Hiking? Boots. 

Errand running? Flip Flops.

Short walk? The sandals Mandy hates. 

But my favorite is walking barefoot through the grass. Feet like to be nude too.

Nude doesn’t have to mean Nude

Want to try out some nude photos but don’t know where or how you want to begin? Here’s a few things I’ve done to help the experience be a good one:



  1. Nude doesn’t have to mean NUDE. It’s okay to be photographed with a sarong or even pants and a shirt. My favorite state of nudity is a long sleeve cotton shirt and flip flops. That’s my go-to nude. Sometimes a Captain’s Hat. Usually a wrap in the winter, sometimes a kilt and boots. The more I’m photographed – either by someone else, or staged by me, the more I want to get creative with my stages of nudity.
  2. Take some indoor shots with the temperature adjusted so it’s comfortable to be nude for an hour or so. Get comfortable in your skin – forget your clothes are off and pose for shots you would with clothes on. Then delete them. Just kidding, kinda. I practiced indoors for a while to better understand how to take shots which I felt were my “best” sides. This allowed me to gain confidence. When I did the same for Mandy, she was much more relaxed in a private space.
  3. Back up and up. I’ve been enjoying shots with a longer focal length. I don’t feel crowded – and I can put myself into the story or the environment. When I’m shooting Mandy she’s less annoyed by my incessant shooting when I’m out of her face a bit. I redeem my annoying infatuation of taking her photo by getting that just right shot of our real world living. And sometimes she shoots me simultaneously.
  4. Try Black and White. Some of my first favorite black and whites of me nude are from the first weekend we stayed at a nudist park. I was carrying pillows and blankets to the car.
  5. No matter where you are, be sure that YOU feel comfortable with the shot before it is captured. There’s a difference between being on the fence and downright uncomfortable. I’ve been in bad moods and had some great photos come of it. I’ve been in elated moods and some kind of weird facial expression in every photo. I guess what I’m saying is that if you have the desire to see yourself, then find some ways to make it happen. 

Nude Hotels West Coast USA: Palm Springs, California

My Tuscany Manor trip started out tragically. You see, we’d booked a California Nudist Road trip, and the first place we went, I got girl-shamed so hard from a mean Boomer lady that I ended up crying in the bathroom, and we promptly left. (I’m not much of a crier, so this was a big deal.)

On the road to nowhere, I frantically looked up our Expedia points to see if there was anywhere we could possibly stay on such short notice, and to my surprise – a nudist place appeared. Wha?

It Turns out, Tuscany Manor had just taken over the previous property and were doing a soft opening. It was that weekend that I fell so hard for this place.

The lady at the front desk is so nice (and is also a Boomer – you aren’t ALL bad), and considering I walked in with a massively bruised ego – she was a welcome surprise.

Tuscany Manor Clothing Optional Palm Springs Resort

The Tuscany Manor is a clothing-optional and naturist boutique hotel where you can vacation naturally in secluded privacy. They welcome couples and singles 21 and over. Located in a quiet neighborhood minutes from downtown Palm Springs, their units are apartment-style one and two-bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens with dining area, living room, flat-screen TV, In-Room Toiletries. All suites are unique and different. 

The beautiful courtyard (filled with grapefruit trees that you can pick fruit off of) welcomes you to a park-like setting without fences featuring a large heated pool, jacuzzi, BBQ, and social area. Pool umbrellas are solar-powered and lighted, which is awesome. I liked them so much I bought one for myself as soon as we got home!

I’m happy you’re here.

Ever since we moved to a nudist park in the woods of Washington just outside of Seattle, we’ve dove headfirst into the world of nudism.