Naturism in Costa Rica

Columbus named this land Costa Rica because he saw a ray of sunshine on Uvita Island’s golden sands, located on the Caribbean coast, and he confused it with a rich treasure. Nowadays, this treasure corresponds to its 51000 square kilometers, which 50% is protected under state laws. 

This beautiful, green, and peaceful country has many getaways for being nude surrounded by nature, hot springs, and more.

Manuel Antonio: It is the most visited beach town in Costa Rica. It is located on the Central Pacific Coast, and here is the most visited National Park named Manuel Antonio National Park. Inside of this Park, you will find many white sandy beaches, trails, and private beaches. But, between Manuel Antonio and Quepos, you will find the only legal naturist beach in Costa Rica: Playa La Macha (Macha means “blonde girl” because many European blonde girls visited this beach)!

How to get there? From Quepos Expeditions, you need to walk down until Playa Las Vacas ( The Cows Beach). Then, you will see a Trail which it connects to La Macha Beach.

South Caribbean: The South Caribbean Area of Costa Rica has many white and black sandy beaches surrounded by forests. The visitors take skinny dipping at hotel pools and beaches like Punta Uva, Gandoca – Manzanillo, and Cahuita.


Nicoya Peninsula: It is located on the west side of Costa Rica and is named as one of five Blue Zones (where people typically surpass the global life expectancy – home to some of the healthiest, happiest people in the world) thanks to its weather, food, people, and nature. In this area, there are three hippie beach towns named Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Mal País. These beach towns are famous for their beaches, yoga, surf, and open-minded hippie residents and visitors. 

Nosara: It is located at Guanacaste Province, West of Costa Rica. It is famous for being one of the most important surf and yoga beach towns globally. Naturism is received kindly and  accepted at hotel pools, yoga schools, and private beaches like Playa Guiones.

South Pacific: This region has 5% of worldwide biodiversity, and the beaches are virgin and surrounded by pristine forests, so, is the ideal place for being nude. 

Arenal Volcano Area: Located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, at the North Region of Costa Rica, the fantastic Arenal Volcano was the third most active volcano in the world from 1968 to 2010. La Fortuna is currently a small town with many hotels, hot springs, National Parks, Lakes, and several souvenir shops. You can be nude at some hot springs. 

Arenal Volcano Area: Located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, at the North Region of Costa Rica, the fantastic Arenal Volcano was the third most active volcano in the world from 1968 to 2010. La Fortuna is currently a small town with many hotels, hot springs, National Parks, Lakes, and several souvenir shops. You can be nude at some hot springs. 

What’s your Nudist Uniform?

When I was first diving in as a bold nudist, I was eager to figure out what my accessories would be. I know that may sound strange to some. Why would a nudist want to accessorize, or even worry about it? Don’t those naked people just run through the grass naked all the time?

Well, I’ve discovered that becoming a nudist does not all of a sudden make you immune to cold and sun. It’s a bummer because I don’t like wearing clothes. Or that’s what I thought until I found my “uniform” if you will.

I started with so many other combinations to protect myself from the sun or to cover up when I was cool. Usually, I always included my “street clothes” as part of the ensemble. Every time I’d head out to a nude event, I’d pack my gear. Basically a full outfit change from regular Jeremy to Captain No Pants. Yep, I said it. I was thrilled to be known as Captain No Pants, Captain’s hat included.

I had an identity that was unique to me among my nudist friends. People knew they could talk to me because I was pretty open about being the Captain. I wasn’t anyone but me – someone who loves being nude, and loves seeing when other people start feeling their connection with others when the social constructs are dropped. People couldn’t tell my profession or income level when I’d show up in costume. That gave me opportunities to talk to people about anything.

I don’t wear the Captain’s Hat as often. Or any hat for that matter. I’m packing as light as possible these days and think I’ve found my personal clothing sweet spot. I’ve found a style I can wear which has been mostly well received in public and is super convenient in most nudist settings.


If you’re like me, you like to leave your house feeling like you’re closer than ever to your favorite nudist spot. Maybe a “Nudist Uniform” is for you. 


Pick an outfit you can leave the house in that gives you a positive feeling and is easy to use or store when you get to your favorite nudist spot. Make sure it’s something you feel comfy running into the store wearing, just in case.

I’ve found one style shirt I love, a long sleeve white shirt – you’ve likely seen me in a photo with one. Made of cotton, so they breathe really well. In the summer I can throw it on and block the sun, then run around Donald Duck style. I feel pretty damn good in my non-chemical sunblock for my back while the wind blows around my free bottom half. In the colder months this same shirt will keep me warm or start an easy base layer.

My Turkish Bath Towel is lightweight and 100% cotton. They are 70” by 39”, so they literally fit every-body. I did a little demo on how I like to wear mine. I use it as my butt barrier, beach blanket, and towel. Well, not all at the same time. I have a few of them because I wear them in place of pants these days. Yes, I wear it to the post office. Yes, I wear it to the home improvement store. If I can’t be naked, at least being free of bifurcated trousers can bring some  freedom. 

So a shirt and a wrap make up my go-to outfit, plus whatever shoes are appropriate for the task at hand. 

Hiking? Boots. 

Errand running? Flip Flops.

Short walk? The sandals Mandy hates. 

But my favorite is walking barefoot through the grass. Feet like to be nude too.

I’m happy you’re here.

Ever since we moved to a nudist park in the woods of Washington just outside of Seattle, we’ve dove headfirst into the world of nudism.

Naturist Podcast: What Does Naturism Mean to You?

Skinny Dippers Club is on a Year-Long Mission Scouting for a Global Field Guide to Naturism. We’re Gonna Bring You With Us As We Do Research for the First Edition!

All podcast episodes are sponsored by The Global Naturist Alliance. The Global Naturist Alliance is a non-profit aimed at setting the standards for mission, vision, and values for the naturist community worldwide.

Our series will start as a year-long global journey – one episode per week.

There’s a ton of health benefits to running around naked in nature. The part of our brain that’s hyper-engaged in modern life deactivates a little when you’re outside.

“Until I started finding other people on Instagram talking about the tie between going to a Hot Springs or Hiking Nude, or becoming more one with nature and disconnecting enough to start the restorative process to become whole again… because sometimes when I’ve had PTSD symptoms, I don’t feel whole. So, it’s been really cool. A couple of things. One is just feeling like I’m healing myself into finding a community of other individuals who have had traumatic experiences and connecting with them and finding ways that we can celebrate survivorship together.




What am I supposed to bring? Can I stare? What do dudes do if they get a boner? (Which is like the no.1 question that gets asked.)

But more importantly – maybe you are a naturist and don’t know it! I didn’t. 

As a kid, I remember it being hot in the summer and me being mad that the boys in the neighborhood could take off their shirts but I couldn’t. And then there was my dad relentlessly telling me to put clothes on because I was always cold. (Or maybe I just felt more comfortable in various states of undress?)

Either way, when I finally got up the courage as an adult to take a Skinny Dip sans bathing suit it was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had. 

When I tell people what I do for a living and how I live about 90% of the time I hear that you or your partners like to run around the house naked or without pants on. Some even have special areas in the backyard to hang out in naked.

Guess what? You just might be a nudist. 

Welcome to the club! Dive in – that water’s warm:)


Our podcast wasn’t supposed to be released for another month but we recorded this episode and just felt like it needed to get out in the world.

PART OF THE REASON WE ARE STARTING A NON-PROFIT IS BECAUSE we haven’t seen Equity and Social Justice in our organizations on a global level.

The goal of the Global Naturist Alliance is to set the mission vision and values of the naturist community worldwide – The idea being we have representatives of all countries coming together to set the standards of what our movement is all about.


“But check this out. So we walk into the place where you check in and I look to the left and I about died. It’s an entire wall of movie stars who have stayed there, including, but not limited to Matthew McConaughey and Cardi B.” 

I think the biggest take-away from this episode is that people feel more inclined to be curious and try something new if they feel safe in their environment.

In today’s podcast I take you on an edible infused trip with me to nude vacation spots in Southern California. It’s juicy AF. Join me!


We just got off a two-hour conversation with Hector Martinez who is a huge naturist advocate in Mexico and was president of the Mexican Naturist Federation.

We told him how we have a stigma problem in the U S that revolves around the nudist and we talked to Hector about this. It starts with our largest organization being racist and homophobic in the States. They share porn photos in their newsletter and on their social media feed. That’s a problem.


We want people to be able to enjoy this way of living and I think it gets really skewed by these places that don’t have their shit together. That’s why we’re talking about the intentional nudist community and what works and what doesn’t.

Part of why we wanted to do this podcast is because not many people get the opportunity to live this way and experience it. We have seen where nudist parks are largely volunteer-driven and have worked.

But I don’t think that that’s a sustainable business model.


Nude Scout: Jeremy’s Journey with PTSD

Being a Naturist is learning how to be yourself while connecting with nature.

“I’ve been discovering along the way, people that actually recognize that you can learn and grow and change and develop and that you can use the experience of running around naked to better yourself. And it’s not some creepy experience.”


A few years back I was able to attend one of the most epic events of my life: Nudestock.

I’ve always loved the 60’s (the sex drugs and rock ‘n roll part) so when we had the opportunity to hit up our local nudist park and attend this epic event I was all in.

I stocked up on edibles on my way and laid in the grass for three days high AF listening to live bands.

We’ve talked before about the positive effects that running around naked can have on you whether it’s positive mental health, an increase in body positivity, or just simply the lack of laundry and clothing purchasing making an impact on the environment.

But I think the most profound effects that I have seen are in the community built around this practice.

Part of the wonderful side of nude vacations and events is that you get to be socially naked with your community. When everyone’s goal is the same: to have a respectful and good time; everyone wins.


I have to admit, this particular podcast was hard.

I talk a lot about online triggers. It was hard to talk about because I see so many people in this space be dismissive of the online experience of others.

We need better leadership in the nudist space. I’m ready for change. Are you?


Naturist Podcast Ep.  10 // LIVE! from Palm Springs: How to throw a Safe Skinny Dipper Event with Special Guest Skinny Dipper Club Member and Our Friend, Tracy

Two weeks ago Jeremy and I were in Palm Springs solidifying our hotel take-over partnership with Tuscany Manor in Palm Springs.

We chose Tuscany Manor as our hotel take-over event destination because they are welcoming to all. We are very excited to be able to provide a space for all to feel welcome at our upcoming events.

While we were there we recorded our Podcast LIVE! On How to throw Safe Skinny Dipper Events. We cover:

What does diversity and inclusion really mean?

What do people look for when wanting to know if a nude space is safe for them?

What kind of language and imagery are you using that may be triggering or off-putting?

“My whole life I’ve been watching people vote on my very existence. I’ve been reading between the lines.

Not taking a stance IS a stance. If you don’t say anything or make it explicitly clear that your space is open and available to everybody…that’s a stance.”

Tracy Griffin

Skinny Dippers Club Member



Naturist Podcast Ep. 11 // How Our Diplomatic Trip to China is Shaping the Mission of the Global Naturist Alliance

In this episode, we talk about how racism and homophobia is embedded into so many institutions and the idea that it’s like baking a cake with salt instead of sugar. It just simply doesn’t work and you have to throw it out. 

We are investing our time in recruiting talent to lead the Global Naturist Alliance which will set the mission, vision, and values of the naturist community worldwide. It will have a Social Justice Arm to it that we haven’t yet seen in most organizations and associations.

We threw out the old recipe and are creating a new one. 

we will fight for

Safe Space and Events

Equity and Social Justice

The Earth and Its Inhabitants

Free and Accessible Public Lands

Online and Offline Nude Legislation and Censorship

“I want to break the walls down.

I want this organization to feel how I feel.

That sense of relief

To just be me.”


Skinny Dippers Club Member


We’ve had a lot of new folks in our community that are newbs and we want to help you out so you don’t get arrested!

So, how do I know if it’s legal to be nude on public lands? Well, that’s not the easiest question to answer without research.


One of the things I love about our community is the spirit of helping other people out. Recently we had someone ask about the laws in the state of Arkansas. With a little help from our network of Skinny Dipper friends, we quickly discovered that laws around public nudity in Arkansas are some of the most restrictive in the US. 


A few years back, when Jeremy was a nudist and I was not, he really wanted to go to this nude place in the DR.

He literally threw $600 at me and took off as fast as he could when I told him to just go and have his spiritual awakening by himself. (I spent it all on edibles.)

Grab a beverage and enjoy this delightful audio vacation!