Let’s go to San Diego!

This balmy curl of coastline is a funny mix, part military town, and part laid-back flip-flop town. It was a pair of world fairs that first put San Diego on the 20th century’s map – in particular, its 1,400-acre BALBOA PARK, created to celebrate the Panama Canal’s completion.

Jonas Salk’s discovery of the polio vaccine in the 1950s led the city to gift him a swatch of oceanfront in La Jolla to build a first-class research lab “worthy of a visit by Picasso.” The result is the SALK INSTITUTE [visitors welcome].

Another doctor, with the last name of Seuss, settled here after WW11, and the Monterey cypress believed to have inspired The Lorax.

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Lupin Lodge

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Los Gatos, CA

I have had several folks tell me great things about Lupin Lodge so I was excited to try it out. I had a nice stay and got a lot of writing done while I was there as I am trying to finish the book I have been writing. (What else was I supposed to do while trapped in a tin box during a pandemic?)

I typically don’t write a review about a nudist resort unless I’ve tried it out a few times, particularly because a lot of these places like to call themselves one thing when really they are another.

This is not a resort.

This is probably my main issue with these places. It is a campground with amenities and calling it anything other than that is dishonest. I have been guilty of over branding things before which is why I want to point this out.

My other issue is that nudist parks aren’t businesses, they are private clubs, so regulations are a bit…flexible. ADA accessibility is the main issue as private clubs don’t have to adhere to the same codes as businesses. I can’t say that I would have been able to stay here two years ago when my back was effed up because walking to the restroom up a steep hill that is not paved or having steps would have been problematic. Honestly, it was still problematic for me and I’m able-bodied.

Now, before you @ me, I understand that making these private clubs allows for a pricing model that keeps it very affordable. I visited More Mesa beach in Santa Barbara and that is not ADA accessible either, so this is a challenge for a lot of nude spaces.

I would recommend Lupin. It is very welcoming, diverse, and I felt safe. It is also owned by a lesbian couple which I am always down to champion. Just know that it’s far more on the camping scale than the resort scale. It was really really nice to see so many young folks there as well as young women.

That’s a big deal to us at Skinny Dippers Club.
I don’t ever want to recommend a place that my friends don’t feel safe or welcomed. And Los Gatos is hella gorgeous.

So if you want to watch the episode…



“This Nudist Club seems to still have much of the momentum, vigor, and energy that likely once filled many of these landed clubs back in the ’60s…”

We wanted to get on the road and make this feel like a real trip; you know, the kind where you get to a certain point in your departure and think, “yeah, this sucks…my ass hurts from sitting”. You experience that moment where you’re just ready to be there already. The thing that makes arriving at your vacation destination so much sweeter when you can finally S-T-R-E-T-C-H !

Well, we think this is one of those places worth the butt-numbing drive. Since our first visit, we’ve already been back and can’t wait to get back for our next. We agree that this Nudist Club seems to still have much of the momentum, vigor, and energy that likely once filled many of these landed clubs back in the ’60s while adding some modern touches.

While it was a long drive for us, the park is less than 30 minutes away from downtown Eugene, home of the University of Oregon. On the last day of our previous trip, we woke early after a great night’s sleep and decided to take a drive to town while the air was still a little too chilly for being out in the buff. We knew we wanted to spend as much time as possible by the pool before heading home, so it felt touristy to run into Eugene for the morning.

Eugene is a very progressive city with an up and coming feel, lots of artistic features, and modern amenities. There’s an Amtrak station in town and is bike-friendly. Eugene is a college city, so you’ll typically see more diversity than many rural Oregon cities. That has been influencing the businesses to have a greater variety of flavor on their shelves. We did a lot of window shopping and stopped in at Whole Foods for a little indulgence from the deli.

Much of that, Eugene’s vibe is alive in the Willamattans. The Willamettans is a landed, well-run volunteer-driven club. As a visitor, think of it as attending nude summer camp, including the snack shack, campfire with built-in seating, arts, activities, and even aquatics! The camp staffers (aka volunteers), many of whom live on property seasonally, take over the concessions. We aren’t sure how the programming works, but they offer/host social activities, some on pause during the pandemic.

Like any organization which is run by volunteers, they have some limited hours to check-in for nonmembers. The hours are not inconvenient for most, but definitely, a factor to consider when making plans to go to a club-style property.

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