Let’s go to San Diego!

This balmy curl of coastline is a funny mix, part military town, and part laid-back flip-flop town. It was a pair of world fairs that first put San Diego on the 20th century’s map – in particular, its 1,400-acre BALBOA PARK, created to celebrate the Panama Canal’s completion.

Jonas Salk’s discovery of the polio vaccine in the 1950s led the city to gift him a swatch of oceanfront in La Jolla to build a first-class research lab “worthy of a visit by Picasso.” The result is the SALK INSTITUTE [visitors welcome].

Another doctor, with the last name of Seuss, settled here after WW11, and the Monterey cypress believed to have inspired The Lorax.

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Where to Get Nude in San Fran

This week we take you through the Redwoods and to two San Francisco Nude Beaches.

Because we went over the holidays and in the winter there were actually many clothed tourists at both Marshall and Baker Beach. We are told that is very NOT typical. But, it explains all the clothing we have on.


Courtesy of Thrillist Magazine:

Marshall Beach

Level of Nudity:The Full Monty

What You’ll See: Marshall Beach earns the distinction of being a mainly gay nude beach and having one of the best views of the bridge, so if both of those are your thing, get on it.

The Nude Part: Apparently all of it, though in particular the driftwood/rock cabana things that some past nude sunbathers have built.

Baker Beach

Level of Nudity: Game of Thrones

What You’ll See: As the largest urban nude beach, this place attracts the largest crowds and almost a Burning Man-type atmosphere with artwork, drums, and frisbee. Disclaimer: if you act like a weirdo and just stare at people, you will be told to leave.

The Nude Part: When you get to the beach, go to the right, past the “Hazardous surf, undertow, swim at your own risk” sign.