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      Or, if Skagit/Whatcom Autonomously Clothes-free Hikers (SkWhACH) has a better ring to it (I’m a sucker for ridiculously contrived acronyms).

      For years I’ve wanted to get a group together for regular jaunts outdoors- beach trips, hikes, paddleboarding/kayaking, swimming, camping, lawn games, yoga practice, barbeques, et cetera.

      There are more than few landed clubs farther south (Lake Bronson, Tiger Mountain) and at least one non-landed groupĀ  (S.L.U.G.S.) as well as a few clothing optional public beaches in Seattle (Denny-Blaine and Howell Park), but alas our options for socially nude recreation north of Snohomish County have been few and dwindling lately. LARC in Mount Vernon has been sold. Travel to Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. is on hold until the the pandemic situation can be safely resolved. Yearly events such as the WNBR and Body-Positive Block Party in Bellingham have likewise been judiciously mothballed until large gatherings of people don’t pose a risk to public health.

      But! We are not without options. The NXNW corner of Washington state contains many hiking trails, swimming holes, hot springs, and at least one historically established clothing optional beach- Dogfish Point.

      A small group of friends and I have luckily been able to get out for semi-regular hikes and trips to the beach this summer (keeping proper social distancing considerations in practice). While we enjoy a small, but committed core of participants in our adventures it would be wonderful to expand our collective membership, brain trust, and support network to discover new trails, meadows, stretches of coastline, and campgrounds suitable for nude recreation more locally.

      Solo hikes at dusk can be a little scary, sometimes being the only one at the beach leaves one feeling more vulnerable than liberated, and even the most supportive of non-nudist friends will tend to take a pass when welcomed or invited to join.

      Perhaps the long standing nudist venues and organizations that serve as the only options for nude recreation are still behind the times when it comes to respectfully engaging with people who don’t fit into the gender binary, tacitly heteronormative, socio-economic status, ability, neurotypical, ethnic and cultural makeup that has traditionally formed the majority of these groups. Heck, maybe it’s just too damned expensive to drive out to that trail near Mount Baker, you don’t know where to go, you need a hand in getting down the trail to Dogfish, or it would be reassuring to know that you will have a friend; someone to have your back if things seem uncertain to offer support and send the creeps packing.

      Anyway- we like to go do fun stuff outside and would be happy for you to join us!

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