Skinny Dippers: Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is SkinnyDippers.Club?

We are a non-landed club with members around the globe. That means we don’t have our own physical “place” and rely on using open spaces in including beaches, trails, parks, resorts and other places. For those times we can’t meet in person, there’s the virtual hangout. It’s sort of a Facebook/Instagram mash-up. We have really cool moderators for our community so everybody who is in our club is hella chill. 

It’s like a yacht club but without the boats or fancy clothes. Actually, Skinny Dippers Club is a growing community of nudists, naturists, and people venturing into the world of nudism or naturism. We’re here to help normalize social nudity and be a resource to those who share our passion for wanting to find the time to play in the buff, enjoying our natural world!


What is the Skinny Dippers Code of Conduct?

Be considerate. Respect others.

Anonymity: Don’t ‘out’ someone outside the club.

Listen to music with earbuds.

Always sit on a towel, including in the sauna.

Must shower & be nude to use the pools, hot tubs and sauna.

We follow local laws.

We don’t trespass to get to secret places. Yes, they’re cool. But just like consent with our bodies, consent to access places is key to building acceptance of nudism in mainstream culture.


Can I take photos with my friends nude?

This is a “depends” answer. Are your friends cool with their photo being taken? It’s best to check the rules wherever you are. We have been to places or events which run the spectrum from no cameras allowed to everyone who enters signs a photo release. So – at the very least remember that selfies should include just yourself – and if there’s a shot you are getting with another person in it, get consent and be sure they know how you’re using the photo.

*If you and your friends are interested in allowing Skinny Dippers Club to use your photo, then here’s a release.


Why would I want to be nude socially?

It’s kind of like finding your best friend. When you’re with a group of people you feel comfortable around, you can really relax and be yourself. Not to mention being naked in wide open spaces just feels fantastic.


Is it weird to be around other nude people?

After the first experience or two it feels really natural. We found that researching first helped ease some anxiety. Looks like you’re doing that!


Is it legal to be nude?

All the places we list on our map have been verified as legal to be nude at time of publishing. It’s always a good idea to check local laws too if you’re visiting a public space. Typically the private clubs and campgrounds lay out the appropriate places to be nude.


Sounds Great. But where do I go to be nude?

If you’re not sure where to go, join our community and search the map or ask in a group!  Be sure to hashtag help! #Help  And if you’re not comfortable going by yourself, get a SkinnyDipper.Club membership and find an event or group near you which subscribes to our code of conduct. We’re updating locations and events map weekly as members from around the world provide information. We have 400 more entires to add to our map, but we research and validate each one first – so stick around and watch us grow!


Why should I bring a towel if I’m not swimming?

A towel makes a great barrier between your bum and a sitting surface. It keeps things off your bum, and it keeps your bare bum off of things. It’s that simple.


What do I do if I get an erection?

We recommend covering up… Another good use for your towel, or if you’re laying out, roll onto your stomach. It happens. Just don’t make a big deal out of it and all will be just fine.


What about my menstrual cycle?

If you’re not comfortable being nude, then do what you feel makes you comfortable. Some of our friends wear a wrap. Will someone say something about it? If they do, they’re not following the Skinny Dipper Code of Conduct. Mandy gives you permission to tell creepers who don’t mind their own business to eff off.


What do I do about being nervous because of my body shape?

We were nervous and self conscious of our body appearance at first, but the good feelings outweighed the self consciousness until it just disappeared.


I have scars – can I still be nude?

Yes. Naked people come with scars, lumps, bumps, and missing body parts. 


I’m transgender, or I’m transitioning. Will I be accepted?

Skinny Dippers Club was started to promote all-people nudism and we mean it. We are looking for more partners to help us support the trans community.


What about public displays of affection?

This is a “depends” answer. It all depends on where you’re going and what the event is. Our general rule of thumb is to act in a manner which would be appropriate in a public open space, only without pants on. 


Where do I keep my keys, phone or cards?

Many people bring a bag of some sort, even when popping to a local nude beach. If you’re hiking, you’re probably carrying some sort of bag. Sometimes friends will share a bag. We’re looking for some groovy bags to add to our store just for nekkid people.


If it’s as simple as taking off your pants, why join Skinny Dippers?

By joining Skinny Dippers Club, you get access to member only resources and you know that other Skinny Dippers subscribe to the Skinny Dippers Code of Conduct. Find places to go and events to attend, Oh, and you can post your photos without censorship or you can private link to your Vimeo account.


I’m already a member of another club or association. Why join SkinnyDippers.Club?

Use the Skinny Dippers logo as a way to identify other Skinny Dippers. And reach other Skinny Dippers when you visit another place on the map.


What’s the deal with your store? Why can’t I get access to all your products?

Many products are available to members only. That helps make sure the gear is ending up in the hands of those who subscribe to the Skinny Dippers Code of Conduct.


Why pay for a SkinnyDippers.Club membership?

Membership fees goes toward building the community, adding resources and reaching people around the world. Nudist-friendly places are member reviewed so you have a better idea of what you are getting into before you show up.  We want to be the number one place for all-people nudism. Your contributions and reviews help us achieve that goal for thousands of others.