I’m happy you’re here.

I’m happy you’re here!

When I worked for global haircare company KEVIN.MURPHY, as their Digital Marketing Manager, what I quickly realized was how f*cking cool it is to have a large, supportive, like-minded community at your fingertips. That and covering Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was awesome I mean c’mon duh.

Finding the world pandemic stricken and jobless, I again turned to my online community for support. But I was having a hard time finding you guys.

Ever since we moved to a nudist park in the woods of Washington just outside of Seattle, we’ve dove headfirst into the world of nudism in the states. Oy. What a shit show.

These are my hot takes:

*Too many creepy old dude Boomer Pervs. C’mon dudes. If I ever found out my dad was pulling that shit, I’d murder him. Gross!

*Potheads make the friendliest nudists. 

*I am in utter awe of older female nudists that are cool. It’s as if Gloria Steinem (or AOC) is living through every one of you. Bless you, for showing us the way. You are truly outliers in this community.

*Nudism is a SPECTRUM, and it goes deep and wide. I totally get why everyone equates nudism with sex, I do. I grew up Lutheran and was raised by a German immigrants kid. Mom still thinks I’m going to hell because I don’t go to church bless her heart. But since we were both raised in NE Portland, Oregon, we are liberal, so she understands my need to run around naked – she’d just prefer it if I wouldn’t do it all over the internet. Fine. She can have Facebook I’ll take Instagram. 

It’s been hard to find women in the nudist community that are welcoming. It sucks, and I want to change that. And I want this to be safe from creepers because I’m hearing that a lot of you like to run around naked, but your partners don’t, and I’d like them to feel comfortable dipping their toes in our pool first should they decide nudism may be for them.

Welcome to the Club. I’m happy you’re here 💛



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