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Los Gatos, CA

I have had several folks tell me great things about Lupin Lodge so I was excited to try it out. I had a nice stay and got a lot of writing done while I was there as I am trying to finish the book I have been writing. (What else was I supposed to do while trapped in a tin box during a pandemic?)

I typically don’t write a review about a nudist resort unless I’ve tried it out a few times, particularly because a lot of these places like to call themselves one thing when really they are another.

This is not a resort.

This is probably my main issue with these places. It is a campground with amenities and calling it anything other than that is dishonest. I have been guilty of over branding things before which is why I want to point this out.

My other issue is that nudist parks aren’t businesses, they are private clubs, so regulations are a bit…flexible. ADA accessibility is the main issue as private clubs don’t have to adhere to the same codes as businesses. I can’t say that I would have been able to stay here two years ago when my back was effed up because walking to the restroom up a steep hill that is not paved or having steps would have been problematic. Honestly, it was still problematic for me and I’m able-bodied.

Now, before you @ me, I understand that making these private clubs allows for a pricing model that keeps it very affordable. I visited More Mesa beach in Santa Barbara and that is not ADA accessible either, so this is a challenge for a lot of nude spaces.

I would recommend Lupin. It is very welcoming, diverse, and I felt safe. It is also owned by a lesbian couple which I am always down to champion. Just know that it’s far more on the camping scale than the resort scale. It was really really nice to see so many young folks there as well as young women.

That’s a big deal to us at Skinny Dippers Club.
I don’t ever want to recommend a place that my friends don’t feel safe or welcomed. And Los Gatos is hella gorgeous.

So if you want to watch the episode…


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