Mandy’s Picks: Collins Nude Beach Portland, Oregon


Come with me to Portland, Oregon's two nude beaches!

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Collins Beach at Sauvie Island is fantastic for a first-time nudist! My new favorite place – can’t wait to go back!

Rooster Rock is awesome as well – but not as easy to get to…you’ll see in the video above.


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  • Part of our mission is to connect nudists worldwide so that we can get the latest intel on our community.

    For instance:
    A few weeks back we hit up Rooster Rock in Oregon, and for any of you that might want to hit it up (or perhaps regularly do) we got good intel from members of the nudist community:

    “Rooster doesn’t get dry until late June. And with a late snow in May, it might even be longer. The die-hards will go through the water or if it’s too high, find a sunny grassy area.”

    “It’s normal for most of Rooster to be hard to get to this time of year with not much beach accessible. Once the spring thaw kicks into high gear and the water level goes up it’ll be that way for a few weeks. Earlier this year before all the closures it was much better, give it another week or two (maybe a couple more depending on weather) and it’ll drop to summer levels, much more beach will be accessible and sand island (my favorite place!) will be reachable 🙂”

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