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Andre Lynnoffline

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Happily Married and Naked. Part Time Nakation Hunters.

We are a nudist couple who found ourselves coming into naturism and nudism as we were deconstructing our faith and leaving our beliefs behind.  We came from a deeply conservative evangelical background, and since leaving, we have found a whole world and a life in nudism that has liberated our physical bodies as well as our souls.

We love spending time outside, naturally. We live as nude as possible and are raising our family in the freedom to choose how they want to live.

We travel a lot, and when we do, we are always looking for a nudist club or spot to visit in our travels. We actually now plan nakations which tend to be some of our favorite travels.  The beach and the ocean is our place for restoration from our crazy pace of work life.

We love meeting other free people. We love the community and acceptance we have found in nudism, however we are not hardcore nudists. We don’t believe in a hard set line of have to do’s or do not do’s.

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