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Daniel and Mandy

Hey there! We are Mandy(28) and Daniel(26), a married couple from SoCal. We are new to the world of naturism/nudism—our interest grew heavily during the initial COVID lockdown, and we are looking forward to exploring more clothes free places and experiences with clothes free friends when the world goes back to normal a bit more! For now, we are just home nudists (when possible), but we are looking forward to the inspiration and resources we find here on the Skinny Dippers Club. When we aren’t working, we love to travel, and we are looking forward to having more nude travel in the near future. Some of our favorite spots to explore are Joshua Tree here in SoCal (or really any National park for that matter), secluded beaches on the west coast, as well as pretty much any lake in Northern Michigan. During our explorations, we love to turn on some hard rock, or indie rock, such as Lord Huron, and connect with the world around us! We love the idea of body positivity and the freedom that comes with being nude both in a private setting, and out in nature, and we are looking forward to building bonds with other folks who feel the same way. If you live in SoCal, in or around the greater Los Angeles area, reach out and say hey! We’d love to one day meet up, explore the world, and build relationships with other like minded people! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Reach out, say hey, and let’s get to know each other!

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