A few years back I had the opportunity to go to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week when I did Social Media for Global Hair Care company Kevin Murphy

and I had the loveliest time there. I found that as a single woman running about town on her own that Australia seemed incredibly safe and I absolutely loved my time there – in fact, I would move there in a heartbeat. 

Not only is Kevin Murphy a progressive brand – and still are – they use recycled plastics on all of their packagings, they are a brand out of Melbourne, Australia, so taking care of the ocean is vital to them – they have fantastic brand values.

But I watched them grow their entire company on a Global Scale with grassroots efforts, and I think that’s how I’ve always been.

As someone who has disrupted the status quo my whole life, I truly understand the time and effort that goes into going around the castle instead of storming it. The castle will eventually crumble on its own anyhow.

In my experience, over the years, I’ve just found that I get further by betting on myself and my community instead of outdated structures. They move too slow.

The current federation and association business model is outdated, out of touch, and crumbling on its own. 
Mandy Zelinka
Skinny Dippers Club Founder

We have the infrastructure within the Skinny Dippers Community website to host non-landed clubs safely. Skinny Dippers Club could be the online real estate that hosts everybody’s online communities.

It certainly can do that. 

Many non-landed clubs rely on social media platforms to host their community. They need platforms to post events, dialogue with their members, message each other and post pictures. Skinny Dippers Club has a nominal cost associated with being a member, but these clubs can have their own space and benefit by being closely connected to other non-landed clubs. Skinny Dippers Club doesn’t restrict nudes and doesn’t sell personal information to advertisers. The paywall protects people – it’s a virtual fortress that gets stronger with community and technology and can be agile and responsive.

Security and no asshole rules are imperative to our survival online.

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Naturist Podcast Ep. 9 // Legislation, Leadership and The Importance of Creating Safe Spaces Online

“We are not one of those organizations that are going to take a neutral stance on making sure that we have safe spaces. What we do here is really important.”
Jeremy Ferguson
Skinny Dippers Club

Naturist Podcast Ep. 9 // Legislation, Leadership and The Importance of Creating Safe Spaces Online